Jamestown College students earn award for going green


Jamestown College Character in Leadership students recently received a Greener North Dakota award. Representatives from the class are pictured here on America Recycles Day.

Jamestown College Character in Leadership students recently received a Greener North Dakota Award for their efforts to go green in North Dakota.  

Christy Smith, of the North Dakota Department of Health’s Division of Waste Management, nominated the student group for the commitment they took in heading up a pilot curbside recycling project in Jamestown last spring.  The timely award was presented on America Recycles Day, Nov. 15.

The group, comprised of 28 students, educated the public about recycling and gathered recyclables from four areas of town, totaling over 100 participants.  The items were sorted and brought to Renaissance Recycling.  A grant from the Jamestown Community Foundation provided support for recycling bins, gas and other supplies to complete “Project Curbside Pickup.”  A survey was also conducted and 98% of eligible residents indicated a willingness to recycle, along with about 75-80% stating they would be willing to pay between $4 and $10 for recycling. 

Angela Boeshans, Executive Director of the North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association, states, “It is great to see students taking an active interest in trying to obtain data on curbside recycling.  Many communities want to provide services, yet don’t have the funds to gather data, provide a pilot project and project what the costs or savings would eventually be.  We hope that other campuses across the state take this example to heart and help their own communities move forward with similar projects.”   

The Greener North Dakota Award, presented by the North Dakota Solid Waste and Recycling Association, acknowledges businesses, organizations, communities and individuals for their positive environmental efforts through solid waste management, recycling, renewable energy, pollution reduction, using recyclable products for manufacturing end use, composting and more.  If you wish to recognize those that play a vital part in improving North Dakota’s environment, you can obtain a nomination form at www.ndswra.org or contact the NDSWRA at (701) 590-0488.

courtesy Angela Boeshans, NDSWRA

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